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Without further ado, a few thoughts on World Communion Sunday which was celebrated yesterday!

World Communion Sunday 2017

Yesterday we celebrated World Communion Sunday. For most, this is just another day in the life of the church, but we should think about it a bit more than that. World Communion Sunday began in 1933 in a large Presbyterian congregation. By 1940 it had been adopted by the national council of churches. The United Methodist Church has adopted the day to collect funds for scholarships all over the world. We celebrate World Communion for a few reasons, so let’s look at those.

The focus of World Communion Sunday starts right there in the name. Communion, by definition, means unity. WE should come together as the body of Christ. In the world we live in today, it seems that it gets harder and harder for us to stand together in anything. Yet this should be something we do every time we take part in the Holy Mystery, World Communion UMCWorld Communion focuses heavily on the unity of the body of Christ throughout the world.  Additionally, there’s an aspect of Pentecostal joy that we should experience. That feeling of the Holy Spirit working through us and knowing that people of all different languages and traditions are having their own versions of that. That’s World Communion Sunday.

Better yet, Churches who celebrate the day with an open table remind those gathered for worship that this is a sacrament with a table that is open for all who would take Christ as their lord and savior and repent of their sins.  Here are some things that could help make your next World Communion Sunday a little more special.

What You Can Do

Make it a global celebration. Get creative, perhaps you have bread from different cultures or maybe singing the hymns in other languages. If you have the ability, perhaps parts of the liturgy could be in a few of the different languages from across the globe. Just be creative and open to the ideas that might come up in your worship planning meetings.

Learn about it. As worship leader or member of the congregation, this is one of those things you really should learn more about. There are some great places like the United Methodist Church website to look at. Check this out and see what else you can learn!

Do something with the liturgy. This is for your worship leaders! Change it up a bit, yeah, change, but only a little, or maybe a lot. Focus the liturgy on the unity of the global celebration. Maybe all the hymns focus on communion, maybe the prayer and call to worship point out the global unity or anything along those lines. Maybe you do something before or after the service. This is another one of those creative options and the sky is the limit! Brainstorm and see what you can dream up.

Don’t let it stop there. You’ve learned something and you’re aware now, you just need some action. Far too often we learn about an outreach opportunity and stop there, we never make it to the action. Perhaps you pray for other parts of the church, or maybe you reach out to one of the partner organization, like United Methodist Committee on Relief, and help the fill the needs of other parts of the world. Maybe you stay local and do a service project or an extra food drive for the local food pantry. Maybe you do this as a congregation or maybe as an individual, you choose, just act.

Go Forth

We observe World Communion Sunday for a reason and, that reason is more important now than ever before. Take your communion and service of remembrance one step further and focus on the communion of all Christ’s followers across the world. Whatever you do, do it in remembrance of our Lord and Savior and his ultimate gift to the world.

Go in God’s peace, until next time!


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