Pastor Janet’s Jots – April

Pastor Janet’s Jots

Birds are returning, geese and cranes are flying north overhead, baby calves are being born, and there is the promise of rain in the forecast.  Spring is on its way, along with a new season of life and growth.

New life reminds me also of the Easter miracle.  By the time you receive this, we will have just celebrated or will be in the midst of celebrating Easter.  As I write this, next week will be Holy Week.

The Beginning

There is Palm Sunday and Jesus’ Entry into Jerusalem on a donkey colt (Mark 1-11).  The crowd was willing to cheer as Jesus entered the city as the Messiah.  They thought that he would fit their mold of what the Messiah should be, not what God had planned.

Through the Week

On Monday, the lectionary reading is of Mary as she anoints Jesus with perfume as preparation for his burial (John 12:1-11).

On Tuesday, Jesus explains to his disciples why He must die (John 12:20-36).  Jesus compared his death to a seed that is planted in the soil and dies, and then brings a plentiful harvest of new lives.

On Wednesday, Jesus shares the Last Supper with his disciples, and Judas leaves the meal to betray Him (John 13:21-32).4 part Holy Week

On Thursday or Maundy Thursday, Jesus washes the disciple’s feet and predicts Peter’s denial (John 13:1-17, 31b-35).  Jesus shows the example of servanthood.

Friday is Good Friday, good for us, but not so good for Jesus.  Jesus is betrayed and arrested; Peter denies knowing Jesus, Jesus stands trial before Pilate.  Pilate hands Jesus over to be crucified, led away, placed on the cross, He died, and his body laid in a tomb. (John 18:1-19:42).

Our hopes and dreams of what the Messiah would bring are dashed with Jesus death.  But God was doing great work in the tomb.  He was bringing resurrection.  God takes our ideas, our despair, our disappointments and dreams and brings new life.

Easter Morning

On Easter morning, the tomb was empty.  Jesus was not there.  He had risen from the dead.  All of this was to show God’s ability to bring new life and His power over death.  What an awesome God we serve.  Alleluia!

Pastor Janet’s Jots

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